So how many Muslim bagheads will choke to death on the roller coasters at Six Flags?

Unlike at Playland, apparently Six Flags doesn’t restrict Muslim women from wearing headbags on the rides. But don’t plan on going to watch the fun, because if you are not a baghead or a raghead, on Muslim Family Day, you will NOT be allowed in to Six Flags. (You could always disguise yourself, I suppose)


Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Los Angeles,
San Francisco Bay Area,

For other cities coming up go to

This time in record 11 cities!
50,000 people expected from 40 states nationwide!

Come to your nearest Muslim Family Day event to celebrate Eid. Buy your discounted presale tickets before time runs out and prices go up at the gate. Visit  for online sale and a list of ticket sales outlets near you!

Halal Food and Picnic Area

In the Picnic area be prepared for some delicious Halal Food. You can also expect dozens of ethnic stalls, entertainment line up, and much much more!