To commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Baptist leaders will reach out to Muslims. The question is WHY do this on 9/11?

‘UNPACKING ISLAM’: What Muslims really believe and how it affects you. I do hope they will focus on the evilness of Islam and how it was responsible for the attacks on 9/11. But somehow I doubt it.

InCast Event  (H/T Ryan K) –Ever since the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon – and the subsequent U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq – Islam has been thrust into the American spotlight. But even ten years later, there’s still widespread confusion and controversy over the teachings and ideals of Islam.

* Is Islam a religion of peace?
* How much overlap is there with Christianity?
* What’s the origin and message of the Qur’an?
* What is the Islamic attitude toward non-Muslims?
* How should we regard our Muslim neighbors?
* What’s the best way to interact about matters of faith with our Islamic friends?
* Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg will cut through the hype and offer a balanced and accurate assessment of Islam through their interviews with Muslim experts and the riveting testimonies of former Muslims who are now followers of Jesus.

The combination of easy-to-understand explanations and the gripping stories of Muslims-turned-Christians will both inform and inspire participants, who will walk away from the evening with a fresh understanding of Islam and how this fast-growing faith affects them personally.  MORE INFO HERE: Unpacking Islam

(If any of you watch this broadcast, please tell us how accurately they present this “fresh understanding of Islam.”)

Will we be seeing signs like this on Baptist churches next?