By turning over Libya to Al-Qaeda jihadists, Barack Obama has abandoned an important ally in the War on Islamic Terrorism

Both the US and the UK used Libya for extraordinary rendition (a good program) for interrogation of suspected Islamic terrorists, many of the same Islamic terrorists who soon will be running Libya as a shari’a compliant jihadist state.

THOUSANDS  of secret documents found in Tripoli highlight close links between Libyan and Western intelligence services. Under an agreement to fight Islamic terrorists, the U.S. put the fundamentalist Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which posed fierce opposition to Gadaffi, on its list of banned terror groups after Gadaffi gave up his WMD program in 2003. But now it turns out that the leader of this group, Abdelhakim Belhadj, was an instumental commander in the overthrow of Gadaffi, and has now been appointed head of the new TripoliMilitary Council with 8,000 troops under him.