DIRTY LITTLE SECRET: The real racism of Islam rears its ugly head in Libya

Anti-Gaddafi jihadists are slaughtering black migrant workers, even if they are Muslims, simply because they are black, because Arab Muslims hate blacks.

The al-Qaeda rebels who are now in power in Libya are killing black Africans because of the anti-black, racist and innate hatred for black Africans by Arab Muslims. In Arabic, the word for ‘ black’ and ‘slave’ is the same word.

American black Muslims never talk about it (maybe they don’t even know about it), but the racist attitude of Arabs and especially Arab-Africans towards black Africans is a fact of life, never more evident than the slaughter of countless black Africans, a million of whom are working in Libya. The so-called Libyan rebels are killing African migrant workers, using the phony excuse that they are “mercenaries” hired by Gaddafi rather than attributing it to their innate hatred of blacks.”

African Union Commission Chairman, Dr. Jean Ping, came out boldly to state the fact that the Libyan rebels under the so-called Transitional National Council have been engaged in massive indiscriminate killings of black Africans as well as Libyans who have dark skins. This is the story that the well-oiled propaganda machine of the Western media has conveniently refused to tell.