“You lost the war!” UK MUSLIMS plan to disrupt 9/11 Moment of Silence

On the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, an Islamic group, Muslims Against Crusades, will make as much noise as possible during the moment of silence in front of the US Embassy in London.

MAC – The group hopes to “expose the crimes of the American government,” while showcasing its opinion that the U.S. has lost its battle against terrorism.This is the same group that waged an Islamic law campaign and disrupted British Veterans’ Day last year.

The group will be joined by another radical enterprise — Sharia 4 America. According to Beliefnet, MAC “…calls the 19 hijackers ‘martyrs.’” The group’s spokesperson, Anjem Choudary, says:

“We will be holding a big demonstration and it’s going to begin at the time the first plane hit the building – when everybody is holding their minute’s silence. “We will be very noisy during that time. It will be to expose the crimes of the American government over the past ten years and showing how they have failed.

According to it’s website, Muslims Against Crusades, on September 11 2001, 19 Muslim men succeeded in bringing the world’s only superpower to its knees in less than 60 minutes; amidst the burning rubble of two of America’s most iconic symbols of economic might emerged a brutal crusade that would tarnish the image of America forever.

10 years on and the timeline has been filled with torture and abuse, violence and blood; America has unequivocally lost the moral high ground – from Guantanamo Bay to Abu Ghraib the so-called fight against international terrorism has ushered (with it) an era of unrelenting oppression that has exposed the sinister side of American foreign policy.

With over $14 trillion in debt the US economy is now on a life support machine; its military is caught in a gruelling war of attrition that the majority of analysts regard as unwinnable; on all fronts the US government is indeed facing defeat as the daunting spectre of death draws closer and closer.

In light of this Muslims Against Crusades in conjunction with Shariah4America (www.shariah4america.com)  have launched what is likely to be one of the highest profile demonstrations of the year. On September 11 2011, as people across the world fall silent and reflect on the unforgettable moments that took place at 8:46am and 9:03am ten years ago, Muslims will stand united outside the US embassy in the heart of London, to declare that they have been defeated – that the US has indeed lost the war.