OH, BOO HOO! Terrorist Front Group CAIR representative blubbers over examples of ‘intolerance’ toward Muslim students in Broward County Schools

Appearing before the Broward County School Board, Nezar Hamze, the executive director of CAIR in South Florida, made an emotional plea for implementing Islamic training for Broward teachers, principals and students. Hamze is the same schmuck who mouthed off at Allen West at a Town Meeting.

(Islamic training for teachers and students? Is he kidding? Somebody should have smacked this drama queen. How dare he?)

Red Broward (H/T Janie) – Truly pathetic. Hamze tearfully recounted moments of “intolerance” at Broward Schools:

 * teachers mocking Islamic students at prayer

 * students throwing paper airplanes at Muslim students saying “that’s for 9/11.”

 * During Ramadan, a principal forced a Muslim student to sit in the lunch room; the same principal said it was not healthy for a student to fast.

 * Muslim students were not allowed to pray together.

Hamze said “education is best deterrent” to intolerant behavior. The board members do not comment on these public statements, but Nora Rupert thanked Hamze for his courage. (Oh please)

Hamze has been a constant critic of Congressman Allen West and other local Republicans. West recently responded to a Hamze request with a one word answer–”Nuts!”