DIVINE PROVIDENCE? 500-ton crane collapses at National Cathedral, right before Obama is scheduled to speak there

This is just one day after it was widely reported that several Muslims will participate in the Washington DC Cathedral’s memorial for the 9/11 terror attacks. But not one single evangelical Christian (Protestant) was invited.

YESTERDAY’S STORY: 911-religious-observance-at-the-national-cathedral-in-washington-dc-will-have-lots-of-muslims-but-no-protestants

The crane was working to repair damage to the cathedral caused by the Aug. 23 East Coast earthquake which followed a quran reading by an imam that took place inside the Cathedral a few weeks before.

THE BLAZE – The large crane flipped backward around 11 a.m. Wednesday and tipped over into the parking lot. The crane damaged at least three cars and cathedral buildings. Fire officials said a crane operator was taken to a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.

The collapse came just four days before a scheduled speech by President Barack Obama inside the cathedral to observe the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The speech is the planned highlight of a three-day series of events scheduled to start Friday at the cathedral.

No decision had been made as of Wednesday afternoon about whether the commemoration, which also includes a memorial concert and interfaith vigil, would go on as planned, said Richard Weinberg, a spokesman for the cathedral.

The crane also fell near Church House, which houses members of the diocese, and poses a risk to the building. All 20 people inside the buildings when the crane collapsed were not hurt, Weinberg said.

I have just learned that this ceremony has been moved from the National Cathedral to the Kennedy Center. Divine intervention indeed!


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