SPAIN: Muslims are poisoning dogs because they consider them to be filth

The Nature Protection Service and police in the Catalan city of Lérida have confirmed that they are investigating the deaths by poisoning of at least 15 dogs in the La Bordeta area.

Islam vs Europe  La Bordeta is known for its dense population of immigrants, many of the Mohammedan persuasion. Mohammedans consider dogs to be “ritually unclean” and anti-dog campaigns have been noted on various Spanish-language Muslim websites. There are also reports of dog owners being threatened and harassed by Muslims while taking their pets for a walk.
















19 comments on “SPAIN: Muslims are poisoning dogs because they consider them to be filth

  1. Muslims have reptilian brains. They try to kill anything that is loving such as dogs. Very unevolved throughout history. Look at their absurd laws. So inbred that they aren’t fit to be in civilized countries. May the universe crush them.

  2. Most Spanish Muslims are filth. Don’t take crap off of a fucking inbred Muslim. We need to tell them how it is going to be. And revoke and deport them. They do not fit into civilized cultures.

    • Please dont say Spanish muslims, they are muslims but they are not Spanish. Spain hanits share of history fighting this violent ideology and thanks to fighting and beating hem we can exist in Europe

  3. I’ve had enough of religious bullshit and anyone who comes out of that shit hole region of the planet. No-good, selfish, scum-sucking immigrants. My Indian boss has just immigrated to Canada and refuses to pay taxes.

    • Sometimes I feel racist. I don’t care if we’re talking about Muslims or Indians here, same shit, different pile. Both are screwing us.

  4. I remember arguing a pusslim, 2 days ago.. Would say “no, you can have dog as a pet”… I would ask, “but you can’t put it inside home, only exploit it like a slave”, no answer then!

    Pusslims are the biggest animal hater, even a pig is much smarter, intelligent than all pusslims put together.

    Nor i ever saw a pig committing suicide bomb, only pusslims do.

  5. Muslims hate everything. Even each other. They should all be banished from the west back to the islamic hell holes they originated from.

  6. Didn’t the Inquisition end an evil oppressive Islamic rule in Spain which lasted from 711 – 1492? If the Spanish rightly understand their history, they should realize that the Moslems’ purpose is to fundamentally change and control their culture changing it into pure “D” hell. BTW kicking the Moslems out ushered in the journey of Columbus and incredible prosperity for Spain which changed the world for good.

  7. This is happening because -you are allowing it -do something,they are the -filth the unclean “.The world is a dangerous place ,not because of those who do evil ,but because of those who look on and do -nothing”
    -Albert Einstein. .

    • PETA’s agenda actual coincides with this. They think that it’s cruel for ANY animal to be under the control of a human, even where that relationship formed by breeding the animals most inclined to be around humans for thousands of years (as is the case with dogs and horses). Look into PETA’s kill-rate at their North Carolina “shelter”… it’s over 95% because they believe the dogs are better off dead than as “slaves” to humans. They’ve toned down their rhetoric over the years, but it’s only to put on a warmer, friendlier face so they could win over animal-lovers for donations (yet another similarity to fundamental Islam, no?).

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