EGYPTIANS attack Israeli Embassy Cairo

A building housing Israel’s embassy in Cairo has been stormed by protesters who tore down one of the outer embassy walls and threw thousands of documents from the embassy’s windows. Police do little.

Al Jazeera  The angry also replaced the neighbouring country’s flag with their own after breaking in on Friday night. Hundreds of Egyptian soldiers backed by armoured cars were rushed to the embassy district and clashed with the protesters who torched police trucks and attacked regional police headquarters nearby.

Just past 3am local time, the Egyptian health ministry said there had officially been 520 injuries as a result of clashes around the embassy. An earlier report said one person had died of a heart attack.

The group that swarmed the embassy had left a mass rally at nearby Tahrir Square, where organised protesters called for reforms by the military, which now governs Egypt.”Thousands of documents were being thrown out of the windows, but it’s unclear which floor they were coming from,” our correspondent Sherine Tadros said.

“Indications are that it’s pretty much a chaotic situation. Protesters set on fire two police vehicles.” “The military is actually starting to fire live ammunition into the air. Once again, protesters are trying to storm the [Egyptian] security headquarters.

Israel’s ambassador, Yitzhak Levanon, his family and other embassy staff rushed to Cairo airport and left on a plane for Israel, Egyptian state television and airport officials said.

A White House statement said that “the President expressed his great concern about the situation at the embassy, and the security of the Israelis serving there”.

Last month, Egyptians staged huge protests outside the embassy and called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador over the border deaths of Egyptian policemen killed as Israel hunted a group of attackers.