9/11: Muslim garbage in London burn the American flag, shout “Death to America”…

…yet ONLY the English Defence League members get hassled by the police. The police don’t do anything to the America-hating Muslim sewage ranting in the street in front of the American Embassy.

Members of the group Muslims Against Crusades burn the American flag during a protest outside the American Embassy in London

This was posted under the video: “An Apology to our American friends on behalf of The British Government & Met Police Hierarchy. We are so sorry for todays events and would like to say sorry on behalf of the British Public. Our efforts to try and stop MAC today, has resulted in two good lads being stabbed, running battles on Oxford Street, Hyde Park – Speakers Corner, Edgeware Rd and all around your Embassy. It is our everlasting shame that our Government is too weak to make a stand against Radical Islam.

Thank you to my EDL brothers and sisters. We know you were standing up for America against the IslamoFascists who were doing what they do best – spitting on the democracy that allows them to live off welfare from the British taxpayers and using our freedoms against all of us. Your government, like ours, isn’t too weak to make a stand, they lack the will to do so. – Bare Naked Islam