Glenn Beck compares New York Times Paul Krugman’s hit piece about 9/11 with terrorist mouthpiece al-Jazeera’s

Not surprisingly, they sound eerily alike.

(See video below)

BTW: Glenn Beck’s departure from FOX NEWS could mean a windfall.

Wall Street Journal article, is restricted to subscribers, but here is one  excerpt :

Because Mr. Beck owns the show and the network, he could make substantially more than the $2.5 million salary he got each year at Fox. GBTV is on track to take in more than $20 million in revenue in its debut year, according to a person close to the company. When Mr. Beck announced GBTV in June, the network had 80,000 subscribers. In the months since, GBTV subscribers have swelled to more than 230,000, according to people close to the network, even though Mr. Beck‘s show hasn’t yet begun. 230,000 X $50 annual subscription fee = $11,500,000.

Analyst Rich Greenfield of BTIG Research estimates that GBTV is already generating revenues of $27 million a year from subscription fees by monetizing a mere 1 percent of the total audience for his Fox show, his radio show, his websites ( and and other outlets. Greenfield envisions Beck increasing that conversion rate to 5 percent, yielding a subscriber base of over 1 million. In that scenario, extrapolating from Greenfield’s current run rate estimate of $27 million, GBTV would be generating $135 million in subscription revenues.

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