NIGERIA: Muslims hack to death 14 members of the same Christian family

Gunmen killed 14 members of an extended family in a midnight raid on a village in central Nigeria on Saturday. Witnesses said they were all from one Christian family, and had been shot or hacked to death by Muslim Fulani herdsmen.

Daily Times  “One pregnant woman who was in labour was among those killed. They shot victims and (others) were macheted to death.”

“In the night around 12.30 a.m. we heard a strange noise. Those people who came to attack us were speaking the Fulani language and they were pointing at houses. They all dressed in military uniforms,” said local council chairman Moses Dalyop.

The U.N. human rights office called on Nigeria on Friday to halt the violence in Plateau, in which it said 70 people had been killed since early August. The latest killing would bring that number to more than 84.

Plateau state straddles the “Middle Belt” between Nigeria’s mostly Muslim north and largely Christian south that, though normally peaceful, periodically flares up, igniting local rivalries over religion, ethnicity and fertile farmland.

The violence adds to President Goodluck Jonathan’s security headaches, after a spate of bombings by Islamist insurgents in the north and the capital, including one on the U.N. offices that killed 23 people.

Local government officials have accused the security forces of not doing enough to prevent the violence. A spokesman of the military Special Task Force (STF) meant to keep order in Plateau, Captain Charles Ekeocha, defended its role and said one Fulani herdsman suspected of a killing had been arrested on Saturday.





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