AFGHANISTAN: American Embassy in Kabul now under attack by Taliban

The US embassy and NATO headquarters in the Afghan capital are under heavy attack by a group of Taliban insurgents using small arms and rocket-propelled grenades. The attack has left at least five people dead.

RT  According to local police, at least 6 people have been killed in the attacks, and at least 20 have been wounded. An Afghan journalist was shot in leg outside the building in downtown Kabul as clashes continue in the city.

Afghan officials report three stories of the building used to attack the US embassy have been cleared, two stories still remain to be cleared. Two atackers are possibly hiding on the sixth and the eighth floors, said General Ayub, Kabul Police Chief.

Authorities in Kabul push back reporters and onlookers from the building  as blasts continue in the city. No injuries amongst staff at the US Embassy or NATO headquarters have yet been reported. However, the English language TV channel Press TV has said its offices in Kabul were attacked, and several of their staff have been injured.

The Taliban claims it is staging a co-ordinated strike on Kabul’s government district, which is meant to be a secure area. Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces responded to the attack and remain at the scene. NATO is providing air support. A ‘White City’ alert has been issued for the Afghan capital – UN’s highest security threat condition.

The attack started at around 13.30 local time when insurgents stormed and occupied an empty building. Four suicide bombers were involved in the assault which took place not far from the Russian embassy.