Another reason to stop the building of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Disrespect, disregard and sheer indifference towards people of other religions, is a common character trait of Muslims, wherever in the world they live. These negative attitudes have made them resort to crude forms of violence against people and property of other faiths, especially Buddhists.

Muslim invaders slaughtered millions of Buddhists including monks in places such as Bihar, India. The Buddhist University of Nalanda with its great library was completely destroyed by Muslims. Countless ancient Buddhist monuments were defaced or destroyed, virtually erasing the Buddhist faith from India. In addition, Indonesia and Malaysia were Buddhist countries. With Muslim invasions most of the Buddhists in these places were either killed or converted to Islam. Most of the places of Buddhist worship were destroyed in the process. More recently in 2001, in the name of Islam, the Taliban destroyed the world renowned monumental Bamiyan Buddha statues built in the 6th century, citing that these were ‘idols’ which are forbidden under Sharia law in Islam.

Sad.  In this video the Malaysian Muslim government destroys a magnificent Buddhist statue and temple for no reason. How long before they start destroying churches and synagogues here?