The MUSLIM-IN-CHIEF wants you to report all Obama smears from this website

Barack Hussein Obama’s new ATTACK WATCH website is designed to encourage his supporters to report attacks and smears on the most traitorous president this country has ever had. Just like the Communists and the Nazis did.


We’ve launched a new campaign resource today:

If you’re worried about the increasing negativity of the attacks on President Obama and his record, now’s your chance to fight back with the facts. Visit to learn the truth about frequent smears, track new attacks as they happen, and report false allegations you’ve seen or heard.

We’ve heard it all since 2008, from lies about the Affordable Care Act to false rumors that the Obama administration hasn’t been an ally to Israel. These aren’t just unfounded allegations about the President—they’re attempts to derail the momentum of this movement and undermine everything we’ve accomplished together in the last three years.

Check out to help stop these attacks before they start.

To get the latest updates, follow @AttackWatch on Twitter—and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.