EUROPE’s Muslims outraged over school textbooks that tell the truth about Islam

Muslims are foaming at the mouth because European school books present a very distorted accurate image of Islam and Muslims, using stereotypes valid portrayals that breed mistrust of the faith and its people (rightly so), a five-country study published showed.

(Looks like the Saudis haven’t been financing textbooks in Europe the way they have in the US)

AFP  This slanted factual view reflects “cultural racism,” (what race is Islam?) concluded Germany’s Georg Eckert Institute for textbook research, which analysed 27 volumes used in classrooms in Britain, France, Austria, Spain and Germany.

“Islam is always presented as an outdated system of rules which has not changed since its golden age,” (It IS!) Susan Krohnert-Othman, the institute’s project director, told reporters.

The researchers concluded that Islam is frequently presented as a homogenous entity without reflecting its diversity in different parts of the world (The people who practice it are diverse, the religion is NOT). The report did not find major differences between the five countries studied.

The textbooks used at the secondary school level frequently set an “antiquated Islam” against a “modern Europe” and depict them as in conflict with each other. (Europe IS modern, nothing about Islam is) Krohnert-Othman said that such representations “cannot challenge populist Islamophobia” among pupils. (And this is a BAD thing because why?)

“Even modern European school books include oversimplified presentations of Islam and they stand in the way of a credible intercultural dialogue with the Muslim world,” said Germany’s minister of state for European affairs at the foreign ministry, Cornelia Pieper, after reading the study’s findings. (There is no such thing as intercultural dialog with Muslims. It’s their way or or the swordway)

The researchers called on schools to present information on reforms advocated by Muslim clerics and intellectuals as well as the modernisation process within the religion. (Oh riiiiiiight! Reforms by radical Islamist clerics. That’s what we need)

And they said instruction on cultural diversity needed a major overhaul. (Europe IS culturally diverse. Islam is not)

“Muslims must no longer be classified as a separate group consisting of non-European immigrants whose traditions prevent integration,” the researchers concluded. (They ARE separate because they want to be separate. They consider themselves and their gutter religion superior to everything else)