OUTSTANDING! FBI teaches agents that mainstream Muslims are violent and radical

These are excerpts from dozens of pages of recent FBI training material on Islam. In them, the Constitutionally protected religious faith of millions (actually only 2.6 million) of Muslims in America is portrayed as an indicator of terrorist activity.

(This article was posted by a pro-Muslim biased left wing website, thus the snarky, inappropriate commentary. My own sarcastic little comments are in red as usual)

“There may not be a ‘radical’ threat as much as it is simply a normal assertion of the orthodox ideology,” one FBI presentation notes. “The strategic themes animating these Islamic values are not fringe; they are main stream.”

The FBI isn’t just treading on thin legal ice by portraying ordinary (potentially radical), observant Americans as terrorists-in-waiting, former counterterrorism agents say. It’s also playing into al-Qaida’s hands (And we know how much you lefties are determined to protect al-Qaeda).

Focusing on the religious behavior of American citizens instead of proven indicators of criminal activity (Many practices of Islam = criminal activity) like stockpiling guns or using shady financing makes it more likely that the FBI will miss the real warning signs of terrorism. And depicting Islam as inseparable from political violence is exactly the narrative al-Qaida spins (Al-Qaeda are all muslims, who would know better?) — as is the related idea that America and Islam are necessarily in conflict (They ARE!). That’s why FBI whistleblowers (aka traitors) provided Danger Room (Ewwwww, Danger Room, now I’m scared) with these materials.

Still, at Quantico, the alleged connection between Islam and violence isn’t just stipulated. It’s literally graphed. (Damn straight) An FBI presentation titled “Militancy Considerations” measures the relationship between piety and violence among the texts of the three Abrahamic faiths. As time goes on, the followers of the Torah and the Bible move from “violent” to “non-violent.” Not so for devotees of the Koran, whose “moderating process has not happened.” The line representing violent behavior from devout Muslims flatlines and continues outward, from 610 A.D. to 2010. In other words, religious Muslims have been and always will be agents of aggression.

Over the past few years, American Muslim civil (terrorists) rights groups like CAIR have raised alarm about increased FBI and police presence in Islamic community centers and mosques, fearing that their lawful (suspicious) behavior is being targeted under the broad brush of counterterrorism. The documents may help explain the heavy scrutiny.

They certainly aren’t the first time the FBI has portrayed Muslims in a negative light during Bureau training sessions. As Danger Room reported in July, the FBI’s Training Division has included anti-Islam books, and materials that claim Islam “transforms [a] country’s culture into 7th-century Arabian ways.” (All fact-filled books, many written by muslims and former muslims) When Danger Room confronted the FBI with that material, an official statement issued to us claimed, “The presentation in question was a rudimentary version used for a limited time that has since been replaced.” (With even more fact-filled books about Islam)

But these documents aren’t relics from an earlier era. One of these briefings, titled “Strategic Themes and Drivers in Islamic Law,” took place on March 21. (Excellent!)

The Islam briefings are elective, not mandatory. “A disclaimer accompanied the presentation stating that the views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. government,” FBI spokesman Christopher Allen tells Danger Room. (Of course it doesn’t reflect the views of many of the dhimmi government Muslim asskissers, only the intelligent government people)

“The training materials in question were delivered as Stage Two training to counterterrorism-designated agents,” Allen adds. “This training was largely derived from a variety of open source publications and includes the opinion of the analyst that developed the lesson block.”

Not all counterterrorism veterans consider the briefings so benign. “Teaching counterterrorism operatives about obscure (Nothing is obscure, Islam then is Islam now) aspects of Islam,” says Robert McFadden, who recently retired as one of the Navy Criminal Investigative Service’s al-Qaida-hunters, “without context, without objectivity, and without covering other non-religious drivers of dangerous behavior is no way to stop actual terrorists.” (No wonder you are no longer employed there)

Well,you get the idea. There’s a lot more of this whiny drivel if care to continue here: WIRED – Danger Room

NOW THE BAD NEWS: DemocRAT Senator Joe Lieberman and RINO Senator Susan Collins say: “If Obama Won’t Do Something About Anti-Muslim Counterterrorism Training, We Will.”

In other words, we wish to destroy the very programs that have kept this country relatively safe for 10 years, so the ragheads won’t feel bad. See SENATE TRAITORS