Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL) is right to bash American Jews

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) said in an interview published recently that he believed ‘there is no such thing as a two-state solution’ in the dispute between Israel and Palestine, and promoted legislation for the United States to promote a full take-over by Israel of the West Bank. (American Jews should bow down to Christians like Joe Walsh. Sadly, most of them only worship the God of liberalism)

The Hill  “There is no such thing as a two-state solution, and no such thing as land for peace. The ultimate peace is going to come through annexation, through Israel having sovereignty over the whole land, from the Mediterranean to Jordan,” Walsh told Washington Jewish Week.

Walsh’s comments come as the Palestinian Authority is pushing for the United Nations to recognize Palestine as a state next week. The move would essentially subvert the ongoing negotiations between Israel and Palestine, and has been denounced by many pro-Israel congressmen.  Disaffection among Jewish voters was considered to be a significant factor in the Republican capture of a New York City congressional seat in a special election Tuesday.

Walsh, a Tea Party Republican, says he believes Congress needs to make its position clear with legislation that would encourage Israel to annex the West Bank. “My hope is that this will help buck up Israel,” Walsh said. “We’re not going to get peace until the other side realizes that they’re dealing with strength, that Israel and the U.S. are not going to back down.” (Never gonna happen with a muslim in the White House, Joe)

But even most pro-Israel lawmakers and pundits believe that step could blow up tenuous peace negotiations. Other bills before Congress would eliminate U.S. funding for the United Nations, or aid nations who voted in favor of Palestinian statehood.

For his part, Walsh believes that “there needs to be a consequence” for Palestine’s push for U.N. recognition. “I worry for Israel’s security the day after [the vote],” Walsh said. “I worry about the world changing over there if the U.N. takes action.”

Naturally the left wing (in this case a leftie of Turkish descent) is outraged at Walsh’s remarks: