“From the river to the sea…” Left Wing Protesters in NYC marching for creation of a Palestinian terrorist state in Israel

The usual suspects, dirty leftie commie scumbags (many of whom are Jews themselves), come out to support the destruction of Israel.

The Blaze  Unfurling “Free Palestine” banners and carrying signs decrying the “racist state of Israel,” hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators rallied in New York City on Thursday ahead of the planned bid for U.N. membership.

With chants that included, “1-2-3-4, occupation no more!“ and ”5-6-7-8, Israel is a terrorist state!” demonstrators marched from Times Square to U.N. headquarters, where the General Assembly is scheduled to meet Sept. 20. Also notice the 3 or 4 pro-Palestinian ‘Torah True Jews’ who always come out to support these protests.