If we didn’t know what Terrorist Front Group CAIR had in store for us, we might fall for this guy’s taqiyya (lies & deception)

SMOOTH TALKIN’ DEVIL: An interview with Nezar Hamze, executive director of CAIR-FL, who has made his bid for membership in the Broward County Republican Executive Committee.

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As you listen to this interview, look at the information below the video about CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood front group, some of whose members have been tried and convicted of Hamas terrorism financing crimes and others named as un-indicted co-conspirators for which the FBI has severed ties and the Treasury Department has eliminated tax exempt status.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)


*“I swear by Allah that war is deception,”…“We are fighting our enemy with a kind heart … Deceive, camouflage, pretend that you’re leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy …”


Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations
is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded
by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the
implementation of Sharia Law in America.

CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic Terrorists.
CAIR actively supports terrorists and terrorist-supporting
groups and nations.
CAIR is an organization founded by Hamas supporters which seeks
to overthrow Constitutional government in the United States
and replace it with an Islamist theocracy using our own
Constitution as protection.

      CAIR was started by Hamas members and is supported by
terrorist supporting individuals, groups and countries.

CAIR is not in the United States to promote the civil rights of Muslims.
CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the
United States and convert our country into an Islamic theocracy.

CAIR receives direct fundingfrom Islamic terrorist
supporting countries.

Omar Ahmad

Co-Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR-SFBA Executive Committee Member
President and CEO of Silicon Expert Technologies.
Former  Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) Officer.
Omar Ahmad was captured on FBI surveillance tapes at Hamas meetings in the U.S.A. during 1993 explaining that the IAP could not, for political reasons, admit its support for Hamas, and then discussing how the Hamas agenda could be cloaked and advanced.  Omar Ahmad’s airfare and hotel bills for this meeting were paid for by the Holy Land Foundation

“Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam … Islam isn’t in America to be equal to
any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book
of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the
only accepted religion on Earth.”

“Fighting for freedom, fighting for Islam, that is not suicide,” …
“They kill themselves for Islam.”
(Ahmad Praising Suicide Bombers)

Read: Omar Ahmad And The Palestine Committee (pdf)

Nihad Awad

Co-Founder and CAIR Executive Director
Former Public Relations Director for the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)
A Palestinian born in Jordan and now a U.S. citizen.
Identified participating at a 1993 Hamas meeting in the United States

“I am in support of the Hamas movement.”
“We do not and will not condemn any liberation movement
inside Palestine or Lebanon”

“We Should Not Blame The United States Alone For The 11 September 2001 Attacks”

“Our administration has the burden of proving otherwise.”
(Awad’s response to muslim accusations that federal raids
were a War against Islam and Muslims)

“Address people according to their minds. When I speak with the American,

I speak with someone who doesn’t know anything.”

“If you love Israel, you’re OK … If that is the litmus test, no American Muslim
and no freedom-loving person is going to pass that test.”

Ibrahim Hooper
CAIR Spokesperson
Former  Employee Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)
“CAIR does not support these groups publicly.”
(Hooper comments on CAIR’s record of supporting Hamas,
Hezbullah and other official terrorist groups)

“I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of
the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future…But I’m not going to
do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.”

Mousa Abu Marzook
 Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) Founder Parent organization of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Officially Designated Terrorist and Fugitive from Justice.
(IAP was found Liable for aiding and abetting Hamas in the murder of a 17-year-old American)

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it,
just as it obliterated others before it” –  Hamas Charter

Senior Hamas member Marzook conspired with Omar Ahmad, Nihad Awad, and others to establish what the United States government has termed “front organizations” to support and advance the interests of Hamas and radical Islam in the United States. IAP provided the

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) with employees, funding, operational
expertise, and ideological guidance.

” … probable cause exists that Abu Marzook knew of Hamas’s plan to carry out violent, murderous attacks, that he selected the leadership and supplied the money to enable the attacks to take place, and that such attacks were, therefore, a foreseeable consequence

of the conspiracy.”  (Judge Kevin Duffyon Marzook)

CAIR Officials CONVICTED Of Terrorist Crimes
*  *  *  *  *  *

Randall “Ismail” Royer

CAIR-National Civil Rights Coordinator
& Communications Specialist
Sentenced To 20 Years In Federal Prison

Committed Terrorist Crimes While Working For CAIR

Pled guilty to using and discharging a firearm during, and in relation to,
a crime of violence; and with carrying an explosive during commission
of a felony … admitted helping four people gain entry to a terrorist
training camp in Pakistan operated by Lashkar-e-Taiba.
[United States Of America V. Randall Todd Royer (pdf)]

Ghassan Elashi
(Click Photo)

Founder Of CAIR-Texas
Chairman of Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development
Sentenced To 65 Years In Federal Prison

Committed Terrorist Crimes While Working For CAIR
Tried on 21 counts of conspiracy, money laundering and dealing
in property of a terrorist. Found guilty on all 21 counts.
[United States of America V. HLF (pdf)]