Seeing-Eye Dogs, Liquor Bottles, now Strip Club Ads. What will NYC Muslim taxi drivers refuse to accept next?

It’s nearly impossible to get a taxi in NYC unless you are willing to ride with a raghead driver. So, do what I do, don’t leave a tip and when you get out of the cab, leave the door open and walk away. Laugh hard.

NY POST  Devout Muslim hacks — who were crouched behind their steering wheels in shame while driving with ads for strip clubs atop their taxis — won a major victory yesterday in their war on roof smut. (Were these the Pakistani drivers who are the biggest viewers of internet pornography in the world?)

The city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission agreed to give cabbies who own their vehicles absolute veto power on the content of ads on their cars — delighting scores of Muslim fanatics who had fought hard for the rule overhaul.

“We are Muslims, and we do not like the ads!” (Sure you don’t, you perverts) crowed cabby Mohamed Tahir, 66, whose cab is topped with an image of a sexy brunette from Flashdancers Gentlemen’s Club.

Under the new rules, Tahir and other Islamo-idiot cabbies who own their vehicles will have the right to nix any advertisements they deem offensive. Previously, the owners of the taxi medallion — often someone other than the car’s owner — could decide what ads went up.

“The law is now on our side!” said a jubilant Osman Chowdhury, a longtime cabby and leading member of the Bangladesh Society in Queens.

Last week, he was so embarrassed at the strip-club ad on his cab — which he uses as his primary mode of transportation during off hours — that he refused to drive it to his mosque for services. “I had to walk to mosque,” said Chowdhury. “People getting out of the mosque would see the disgusting things.” (OH, BOO HOO!)

Prior to the vote, several cabbies recounted their shame at promoting jiggle joints to the TLC board of commissioners — in a desperate effort to convince them to change the rules. (Yet you can always find muslims patronizing strip clubs. Hypocrite bastards)

It is now illegal for medallion owners to dictate what ad content is displayed over the wishes of the car owners.