MUSLIM PARTY enters German elections

It’s election time in Berlin, but there’s a new party: the pro-Muslim Big party, which advocates for diversity, multiculturalism and Shari’a compliant systems.

PressTV  Thilo Sarrazin recently published a book where he openly discriminated against Muslims, a book which sold a million copies discussing a topic that right-wing parties are now leaping onto in their electoral campaign: if you agree with Sarrazin´s view, then vote for us.

There are more than 250 000 immigrants from Turkey in Berlin, most of them Muslims. They are being reproached with not integrating, a constant debate – but they are not represented in politics, proportionally only 0.3% of representatives have a Turkish background.

The Big party wants things to change. Their demand an interest free (Shari’a Finance) economic system, more support for working mothers, a full-time education accessible to all and more fairness and equality. (Entitlement whores)

 The new Muslim-friendly party BIG hopes to entice more immigrants to the ballot boxes and to represent them with values that they share. They also see the need to redress prejudice and racism which in these days is increasing.