OOPS! UK vandals attack college after mistaking it for a mosque

Oh well…..it’s the thought that counts.

Birmingham Mail  A CONTROVERSIAL new Birmingham college has been targeted by vandals after rumours swept the area that a golden-clad part of the building was in fact a mosque.

Norman Cave, principal of Bournville College, which has had a £66 million revamp today angrily spoke out against the ‘myth’ and said he was baffled as to how it had come about. He said: “I have heard that there are people within the local community spreading the rumour around that this is in fact a mosque, categorically it never has been a mosque. Mr Cave confirmed a window had been broken in the centre.

 A website run by the Kings Norton parish team referred to the “myth” of the Longbridge mosque. It said: “Since the rumour appeared, the building has been vandalised on several occasions. Panels have been ripped off and windows have been smashed. This is unlikely to be a coincidence.