FBI SUBMITS! Agrees to drop Islamic counter- terrorism training because of threats of litigation jihad by Terrorist Front Group CAIR

Under relentless pressure from Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations) and the Obama Regime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will discontinue a lecture series that taught counter-terrorism agents that mainstream Muslims are violent.




The move comes after leaked documents revealed the controversial elements in the FBI’s training manuals. According to the FBI documents: most American Muslims are likely to be sympathizers to “terrorist” groups like al-Qaeda. Spencer Ackerman, the journalist who broke this story for the website Wired dot com, told Al-Jazeera why the FBI teachings are “constitutionally dicey”.  “There is still a real ignorance and to some degree a real fear of Islam that has found a surprising home in the FBI,” he said. “If they spend their time and resources going after indicators of violent behavior based on the amount of religiosity a person displays, then first of all they are not going to get actual terrorists, but innocent people.”