Palestinian Muslims promise new wave of terror on Israel following UN vote

No doubt they will  keep their promise to carry out more terrorism against Israelis no matter how the vote goes on their demand for a unilateral declaration of statehood. And like all good little muslim terrorists, the leaders intend to do nothing to prevent it or stop it.

Klein Onlne  The Palestinian Authority has information about terrorist attacks being planned to coincide with its bid this week to unilaterally declare a state at the United Nations, KleinOnline has learned.

PA leader, Mahmoud Abbas

Despite knowledge of which cells may be plotting attacks, the PA has taken an internal security decision to not disrupt the violent plans or arrest cell members, informed Israeli security officials said.

The security officials said the plots are being hatched by both Hamas and by renegade members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the so-called military wing of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party.

Hamas is aiming to use the attacks to retake the narrative after its Fatah rivals are expected to garner Palestinian and larger Arab popularity following any UN declaration of a Palestinian state, the officials said. The Al Aqsa Brigades members believe violent attacks focused on Israel’s Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, commonly referred to as the West Bank, could be used as a pressure tactic against the Jewish state’s presence there.

Sources within the Brigades told KleinOnline that Fatah is not interested in the immediate launching of any jihadist attacks but that decision can change in the future. Instead, the sources said, the PA is interested in seeing so-called popular riots against Israel in the wake of the expected UN decision to recognize a state.

Yesterday, following a meeting with his cabinet members, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters the Palestinians’ wish to become a permanent UN member is “bound to fail because they have to go through the Security Council.” He said that even though the Palestinians can opt to turn to the general assembly, “it does not have the same significance of the Security Council, and that is not the Palestinians’ stated goal.”

Netanyahu explained his decision to address the UN was taken to ensure the Palestinian “move to circumvent negotiations does not succeed, and… to present our truth, which is that we are not foreigners and we have rights going back 4,000 years.”

Netanyahu added that “we are ready to enter negotiations if the Palestinians want to. At the end of the day I believe that after the smoke clears, the Palestinians will come to their senses and sit down for negotiations that will bring peace for us and our neighbors.” READ MORE: Klein Onlne

Hamas’ BFF, Jimmy Carter, is furious that it’s taking so much time to turn the Arab-occupied parts of Israel into a fascist Islamic Republic just like he did for Iran.