How many more fires do the Muslim invaders have to set on Lampedusa Island before Italy starts sinking their damn boats?

Another fire caused by Tunisian Muslim scum destroys the Centre for Immigrants in Lampedusa.

Delta World (H/T Maria)  The flames led, according to Italian media, a stampede of the around of 1,200 undocumented staying in the CIE of Lampedusa, about 800 people managed to escape and the rest were located by the police on the pier of Favaloro. According to the first scenario, fire, declared in several points at the same time, was caused by a group of Tunisian immigrants that days ago they were protesting for direct repatriation to Tunisia under the bilateral agreement signed last April 5 with Italy.

“The Centre is completely devastated and all burning.” It no longer exists and it cannot accept any immigrant. Lampedusa has no site. It is time that government intervention after both inertia. “Everyone had warned of what could happen and finally happened,”