Outspoken Swiss critic of Islam gets death threats from Muslims

Remarks like this, “We are fighting against an Islamic dogma that despises all humanity and wants to push us back into barbarity,” by Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger have earned him the wrath of the IslamoFascist group, Forsane Alizza, who are obsessed with crushing any and all condemnation of their filthy ideology.

Islam vs Europe  The Muslim group Forsane Alizza (“Knights of Pride”) has made threatening remarks about the Swiss People’s Party politician, Oskar Freysinger.

The group is based in France, in Paris and Limoges, and claims to reject the democratic system. On its website there is a page referencing the recent incident in which Freysinger had a shaving foam pie shoved into his face while attending a political debate in Geneva. One of commenters observes that it would have been better if it had been acid. Another says “a bullet in the forehead would have been better” because “scum like Oskar Freysinger” “…deserve death”.

Excerpt from Freysinger’s speech: