Why no translation of the Arabic writing found on the underbelly of Southwest Airlines planes?

The FBI is investigating images that appear to be Arabic writing or symbols found on the bellies of several Southwest Airlines planes. Wanna bet the ‘calligrapher’ isn’t a white Christian male? Surely there must be somebody in America who can translate it?

WSVN  According to officials, the Arabic images have been found on more than a dozen Southwest 737 planes since February. Officials said most of the planes are coming out of Los Angeles, and Southwest Airlines believes the writings or symbols are being put on the planes while they are parked at the gates.

Authorities said a chemical process is being used to mark the Arabic images on the engine or landing gear area of the planes.  The writing appears to have been etched on and is visible only after an auxiliary power unit is turned on.

This has some worrying about a possible security breach. “It does raise disturbing questions about the security because anybody who has the ability to write on an airplane and can get that close to do it, also has the ability to do other things to that aircraft,” said Charles Feldman of KNX 1070 Radio, who broke the story.

Southwest Airlines will not elaborate on what the Arabic symbols or markings say, but Mike Van De Ven, the Executive Vice President of Southwest Airlines did send out an internal memo: “The issue is taken very seriously, and we will continue to work in cooperation with both local and federal law enforcement agencies until it is resolved.”

Southwest called it an internal problem and not a security breach.