Tell me again why we keep giving $$billions in financial aid to the Pakis every year?

We keep handing them big money with no strings attached while the Pakistani military uses the al-Qaeda-allied Haqqani network of insurgents to wage a proxy war against U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Virtually every penny of aid we give Israel is required to be spent with U.S. Manufacturers yet we get nothing or worse from the Pakistanis (who harbored Osama bin Laden for 10  years) in exchange for nearly the same amount of aid.

* The Haqqani Network, a Pakistan-based terrorist group that is actively attacking American troops across the border in Afghanistan is an “arm” of the Pakistani intelligence agency

* The Haqqani network was responsible for last week’s Kabul attack and numerous others in which U.S. and NATO troops have died, and they continue to launch attacks over the border

*  The Pakistani government, which has yet to use its troops to crack down on the insurgents will not publicly condemn the attacks in Afghanistan

* Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency supported the Haqqani insurgents who planned and executed the attack on the U.S. Embassy, NATO headquarters, and spectacular assault on a hilltop Kabul hotel, as well as other strikes in Afghanistan

* Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said the accusations coming out of Washington are unacceptable to Pakistan. “You will lose an ally,” Khar said on GEO TV. “You cannot afford to alienate Pakistan. You cannot afford to alienate the Pakistani people.” (With allies like this, who needs enemies?) READ MORE:CNN