THIRD INTIFADA? Arabs throw rocks at car, bloodying the face of 20-month-old Israeli girl

In the Palestinian-occupied territory of Samaria, between Migdalim and Tapuach Junction, Arabs threw rocks at a car driven by an Israeli woman, injuring her baby daughter who was in the back seat.

INN  The girl received treatment from Samaria Regional Authority medics and evacuated to a hospital. The Authority Head Gershon Mesika said: “The ‘men of peace’ of the Palestinian murder authority provide yet more proof, to those who still need it, as to just whom we are facing. We face low life terrorists who try to murder babies.”

“They hold an olive twig in their mouths and murder weapons in their hands. To these barbarian terrorists they want to give a state. The Nation of Israel is strong, the government needs to learn from it and be strengthened by its spirit – no to folding and surrendering, yes to construction and stamping out terrorism.”

Below is footage of the mother and child in the aftermath of the attack: