Italy has spent over $600,000 since January just for buying cigarettes for Muslim freeloaders squatting on Lampedusa Island

All this, while the illegal Muslim invaders are setting fires to buildings, robbing and attacking local residents.

Islam vs Europe  The Italian government has spent 450,000 euros (USD $612,000) on cigarettes for illegal aliens on Lampedusa since the start of the year. Each illegal is ‘entitled’ to one packet of cigarettes per day.

Cono Galipò, the director general of the organisation that manages the two immigrant reception centres on the island – one of which was burnt down last week – said the cigarettes had a tranquilizing effect on the immigrants. (A bullet to the head would have an even better tranquilizing effect) Galipò’s indulgence of the invaders seems to have had a far from tranquilising effect on local Lampedusans, however, who are outraged about what has been happening to their once peaceful island. Last week Galipò’s car was set on fire.

Even though the Italian government is implementing a harsh austerity programme, and some Italian families have been reduced to living in their cars, last week a budget of 728 million euros (USD $990,000)was allocated to cover the cost of illegal immigration till the end of this year.