HORRORS! Hijab Hillary Clinton spitting mad that Jews will be constructing 1100 more new homes for Jews in Jerusalem

Good news for more than 35,000 Palestinian laborers who are employed building new Jewish homes in Jerusalem

There will never be peace with the Arabs who are occupying Israel anyway, so build, baby, build.

INN  Interior Minister Eli Yishai has approved a development project for Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood, including 1,100 housing units. Prime Minister Benjaamin Netanyahu said Tuesday he had no intention of interfering with the project, or caving in to demands for a renewed building freeze, saying “we gave at the office.”

The move comes amid Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ unilateral statehood gambit at the United Nations and is seen by some observers as a signal to officials in Ramallah that the only course to statehood is direct talks without preconditions. Abbas has systemically used preconditions; including insistence on further Israeli construction freezes in ‘disputed territories,’ as a means forestall moribund peace-talks while accusing Israel of being at fault.

And if you ever had any doubt (not most BNI Readers, of course) that Israel should keep building, this Palestinian Authority spokesman reminds us why: