Muslim convert whines about hospital staffer "insulting her religion"

Abington Memorial Hospital refused to bow to a Muslim woman’s religious demands. And CAIR will be filing a lawsuit against the hospital immediately. Can everyone say “Litigation Jihad?”

FOX PHILLY  Janice Brown, 25, is a convert to the Islamic faith. And she suffers from periodic hemmoroidal bleeding, dating back to the birth of her daughter. That bleeding led brown to the emergency room at Abington Memorial.

Brown says she’d called ahead, verifying that she’d be examined by a female doctor. As a Muslim, it would be a sin for Janice to allow a non-related man to see her uncovered genital region. But once inside the examination room, she was greeted by a man.

“The charge nurse came in- his name was James, though he went by Jim- and he told me that Abington Hospital does not discriminate and I’m not allowed to choose a preference whether i see a male doctor or a female doctor,” says Brown.

And he said, ‘I’m sure god will forgive her.'” “I don’t know if it was more of a mocking thing coming from the charge nurse- for him to tell me, ‘oh, God’s gonna forgive you.’

“I think it’s just a form of ignorance, basically. People not knowing or not taking the time to know or educate themselves about other religions so they can be sympathetic,” said Brown. (That’s right, sweetie, you muslims expect everyone to submit to the dictates of your filthy religion)