Raheel Raza, a Muslim, argues against the existence of 'Islamophobia' with spokesbaghead from CAIR-Canada

Author Raheel Raza has been sued for calling Muslim extremists, ‘extremist,’ and she currently is on the Top Ten List of the ‘World’s Most Hated Muslims’ (by other Muslims). Raza says she is No. 6 on the list and is hoping to become No. 1. The CAIR representative is like every other CAIR rep – a defender of Islamic extremism and critic of ‘Islamophobia.’

Raza’s life was threatened when she spoke out publicly against the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Stating that accusations of Islamophobia are used “too often” to stifle debate and criticism, she says, “many Muslims in the West use Islamophobia as a penalty card against free speech, whenever there is any kind of criticism of Muslims.”