13-year-old Saudi gives new meaning to the expression "grow a pair"

A girls school in Saudi Arabia has decided to move one of its students to a boys school not because of a new gender-mixing system, but because the girl has just turned into a boy.

13-year-old girl, Uhud, turns into boy. In this ppicture with his father Ahmed Hassan Mousa.

Asian Town Uhud, 13, had felt persistent cramps in her abdomen and in one week, the pain just disappeared to give way to male organs. Uhud’s father was stunned. “I could not believe what I saw first…in just a week, my daughter had full male organs and now she became my son,” said Ahmed Hassan Mousa from the southern town of Khamis Mushait.

“We had noticed before that Uhud did not have female breasts and when she had pains in her abdomen, doctors told us she has no womb…a few days later, they said a male organ emerged,” he told the Arabic language daily Alriyadh.

Mousa said Uhud is now named Muad and has been moved to a boys school in the city. “Her teachers in the girls school had told me many times that she was very clever but recalcitrant….they said this had surprised them,” he said. “Some people in the neigbourhood had also told me that she behaved like a boy…I myself noticed that she always played with her brothers not sisters.”