Bitch Bitch Bitch. Muslim asslifter ingrates complain that the FREE mosque space given them by the government isn't good enough

“We don’t want to bother people. (Yes, you do. You bother everyone just by your mere presence in France) Friday prayer is vital to Islam and every group deserves to properly practice religion. Here we’re still praying on pavement,” a worshipper said. (There are 57 other countries where you should be praying. Get the Hell out of France)

PRESS TV  French Muslims detest the new mosque in Paris as it is not suitable for addressing the consequences of the recently-passed law banning street prayers. This comes while Muslims are not pleased with praying in the new mosque in Paris because of its terrible condition, lack of space and military façade. (Beggars and  Muslim welfare leeches can’t be choosers)

Hassen Chaighoumi of the French Imams Council, who has had difficulty negotiating with officials in regards to finding a proper venue for worship, said “every mayor in every city could loan a place for Friday prayer. (Don’t dream. Nobody wants you in their cities in the first place) He went on to say that the foreign forces are dividing Muslim groups in France, preventing them from developing legitimate political groups and bargaining leverage. (That’s only until they can get all of you out of France for good)