Hell hath no fury like a British politician scorned

Fred Brown

Angry residents of East Cambridgeshire are sickened by  former council leader Fred Brown’s plan to seek revenge by building a mosque in the village after he lost his seat on the District Council in the recent election. “I want to get in touch with the Ely Muslims and have a chat with them,” said Brown.

Ely Weekly News  Mr Brown, who lives in Littleport and owns several properties in the village, says he has a property which would be “ideal” for Ely Muslims to convert into a prayer centre.

But David Leuty, of The Holmes, Littleport, said:  “The only reason he is even remotely considering helping these people is to stick two fingers up to everyone who was determined not to see him re-elected.  I feel sickened by it.”

Janice Hunter, of Main Street, said: “We don’t want a mosque here in Littleport, the same as the residents of Ely don’t. Fred Brown is simply trying to seek petty revenge on us all.”

Speaking to the Weekly News, Mr Brown says he wants to show the Muslims around the building he has in mind. He said: “I own a property in central Littleport which would be ideal for them to use. It’s a large building, which I understand is what they are looking for.”

It was earlier this year that the Ely Muslims announced that they wanted to build a mosque in the city. The management committee of the Paradise Centre had told the group that they would lease them an area of their sports fields, close to the junction with New Barns Road and Deacons Lane, to build the facility if they gained planning permission.

However, the discussions have been put on hold following uproar from many locals, who insist the Muslims should not be allowed to build a new prayer centre.