Egyptian born former Muslim, Nonie Darwish, says, "Islam must be annihilated"

“Islam is based on lies and must be destroyed” adds Nonie, who spent most of her life in Egypt. All I can say is, Nonie, “From your mouth to God’s ears. And don’t go anywhere without your bodyguards.”

The Left Wing Blogosphere says: Nonie Darwish, a staple of the Right-wing anti-Muslim Islamophobia network has been invited to speak by the George Mason Law School. She is scheduled to speak at the law school on October 5. [5 p.m., Room 121]. Her address, titled “The West’s Clash with Radicalism,” is sponsored by the Federalist Society and the Jewish Law Students Association. We urge you to contact the school and ask that she be disinvited.

Terrorist Front Group CAIR is also demanding that Darwish be disinvited saying, “Such hate-filled views should not be funded by student organizations or endorsed by professors,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “Darwish’s genocidal statements are reminiscent of those used to target the Jewish community in Nazi Germany.” (Gee, that’s funny, considering all the help Muslims they gave Hitler and his Jewish ‘problem’)

BNI urges all readers to contact the university and express your support for Nonie.

CONTACT George Mason University