UK: Potential Muslim terrorist has headbag ripped off her face

British woman admitted ripping the head veil off a suspicious Muslim woman in Halifax. Because you never know, there could a terrorist hiding a bomb under it.

Halifax Courier  Jacqueline Zaro, of East Street, Sowerby Bridge, pleaded guilty on the first day of her trial to intent to cause religiously-aggravated harassment, alarm or distress in the incident on June 11 at King Cross Road, Halifax.

James Weekes, prosecuting, told Calderdale Magistrates’ Court the victim had moved to this country six years ago and was a devout Muslim who wore the veil to cover her face. (Then she should have stayed in the Islamic hellhole from which she crawled out if she doesn’t want to dress like a civilized person)

He said the victim said she has had sleepless nights since and now feels vulnerable and too afraid to go out shopping on her own. (Good, then leave)

The court heard Zaro told police she had drunk three litres of cider beforehand and when she was shown CCTV footage she accepted she had pulled off the headscarf. Magistrates gave Zaro a 12-month community order with supervision and six months’ with an alcohol treatment team. They also ordered her to pay £100 proseuction costs and £100 compensation to the victim. (Victim? Give me a break)