NEW YORK CITY MUSLIM DAY PARADE 2011: Gee, however did I miss it?

Thankfully our friend over at Logan’s Warning was there to video this despicable insult to all the people of New York City, home of the worst Muslim terrorist attack in history.

Logans Warning  Sunday, Sept. 25th, Muslim asslifters and their terrorist-supporting friends tied up midtown Manhattan with their eardrum shattering Call to Prayer followed by prayers for the death of us infidels by the slaves of Allah, hoisting their asses high in the air in the middle of the street. Even more disturbing were Muslim NYPD officers marching in the parade and carrying flags that were not American, not NYPD.

A Display of Islamic State Flags representing the enemies of America along with the NYPD carrying Muslim banners.

Some NYPD mounted police were carrying Islamic flags.

Muslim Call to Prayer (the “prettiest sound on earth” according to Barack Hussein Obama) at ear-shattering full blast volume.

Muslim male asslifters pray to Mecca on Madison Avenue.

Carrying a sign for the Muslim Ummah of North America (aka creating an Islamic Caliphate in North America).