CANADA: Police give Muslim extremists a pass but harass members of the anti-jihadist Jewish Defense League

Sounding a lot like the UK, RCMP and Peel Regional Police have taken time out from their regular routine of ignoring real crime in the Muslim community in favor of intimidating anti-Islam Jewish groups.

The Jewish Defense League is one of Canada’s premier defenders of free speech as well as a powerful anti-jihad movement. The JDL have in cooperation with the International Free Press Society put on a number of evenings in solidarity with individuals like Geert Wilders and Kurt Westergaard.

Based on an anonymous “tip” alleging some sort of threat to a muslim property in the city of Mississauga – reportedly the anti-Semitic Palestine House – the cops have descended upon the homes and work places of a number of members of the JDL. Let’s recap: aligning oneself with Terrorist group Hizbullah is super-cool according to the cops; pointing that out is not.