The Ontario Human Rights Commission says it’s illegal to advertise an apartment for ‘students only’ or ‘seniors only.’ But when the OHRC was asked about dozens of ‘Muslims-only’ apartment-for-rent ads in the Toronto area, they say “it’s out of our hands.”

SUN NEWS   Earlier this summer, the OHRC was clearly short of real work to do, so it started creeping through apartment rental ads online. They came up with an official list of illegal words to use in apartment ads. “Perfect apartment for a student” is illegal. It said that’s age discrimination. Calling your apartment an “adult building?” Illegal. “Perfect for female student”. Illegal.

This summer, the OHRC threatened landlords and even the websites that advertised these “discriminatory” words. But reporter Sarah Boesveld was poking around the website and found 32 apartments that say “only Muslims need apply.”

The Ontario Human Rights Commission doesn’t believe in property rights or freedom of association. They believe in counterfeit rights — like the right not to be offended. Except, of course, if the person doing the offending is Muslim, and the people being offended are Jews and Christians and Sikhs and Hindus and atheists.

There’s a word for people like those at the OHRC who have different standards for different religions: Bigots.