Do Australians know their hard-earned tax dollars are being used to spread Islam and shari'a law in their country?

Darebin Council in Melbourne is spending taxpayers’ money to make Muslims feel more at home, by funding workers to spread the word of Islam. Using a federal grant, Islamic missionaries will be paid $66,000 a year.

WikiIslam  As a taxpayer Vicki Janson says the community was never consulted, and as the Deputy President of the Q Society – a group concerned with the Islamification of Australia – she’s outraged. “We’re for integration not segregation, and really for upholding what we would call Australian values,” Janson said.

The job description states that the officer’s role will be to “Strengthen the Islamic Society of Victoria and (find) how they can be more effective in the community”. Also to implement strategies that assist the Islamic Society to dispel myths and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.

The Ratepayers Association’s Jack Davis asks “are we going to subsidise all these other religions for the same sort of thing?” Nazeem Hussein is spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Victoria and says the initiative is all about educating Anglo-Australians, not recruiting for the Islamic faith. (Australians don’t need education about Islam that would be Islamic propaganda and lies)

The Attorney General declined to be interviewed but in a statement revealed the Gillard Government has spent more than $9.7 million on similar initiatives to counter radicalisation in our communities – from sporting clubs to Islamic Associations and Arabic social services.