WISCONSIN man beaten with a tire iron by a Muslim for allegedly insulting Islam

A 47-year-old Wausau, Wisconsin, man was violently beaten with a tire iron and hospitalized. Witnesses claim that the attack occurred after he was involved in an argument over the Islamic religion.

The Blaze  One witness told a Wausau Daily Herald reporter that he saw the suspect pull up in his vehicle, get out of the car and then accuse the victim of criticizing his Islamic faith. According to the witness, when approached, the victim denied the charge. Unfortunately, that did little to stop the assailant from unleashing his fury.

The suspect purportedly grabbed a tire iron, hit the man in the head, punched him, then hopped back into his vehicle and sped off. A second witness, Bakonn Jackson, confirms these claims. In describing the scenario, Jackson said, ”it is unusual when an argument ends with the use of a tire iron, but it’s not unheard of.” (Especially when the insultee is a Muslim)

Officials have not yet released the names of the victim and the perpetrator, although the police apparently said that they have some leads on the suspect. Currently, they are still investigating and no arrests have been made.

Victim of beating speaks to police