SPAIN: New Youth Division of the ‘Anti-Islam, Anti-Immigration’ Right Wing PxC party chooses the flag of St. George as its symbol

A new youth wing of the anti-Islam, anti-immigration party Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC) has been founded, called JIxC – Joventuts Identàries per Catalunya, with the flag of St. George has been selected as its symbol.

 Plataforma per Catalunya is riding a growing wave of anti-immigration sentiment, where many blame Muslim foreigners – 12 per cent of the Spanish population – for rising crime and a lack of jobs, in a country with 20 per cent official unemployment.

IRR  The PxC is making fair progress in towns and cities that were former Left strongholds and are now experiencing rapid demographic change due to relatively recent immigration. Another factor in the relative success of the PxC is the way that local authorities are bending to its anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim positions. In April 2010 Vic municipality announced that it would deny undocumented migrants access to health care. This – an apparent attempt to stem the influence of the PxC – has now emboldened it. The PxC now has five councillors in Vic. Following the 22 May election count, the PxC was also ecstatic about its gains in Badalona, which it had targeted.

Although small, the PxC could benefit financially and in terms of other resources with alliances with bigger European extreme-right electoral parties. In May 2010, it signed a friendship agreement with the Austrian Freedom Party, pledging joint action on immigration and on the ‘Islamisation of Europe’. ‘We, the brave, have to expel all the Muslims out of our country.”

Muslim asslifters smelling up the streets of Madrid. too

The centre Right and far Right blamed immigration for rising crime and a lack of jobs in Spain, a country which has the highest rates of unemployment in the EU

Central to the PxC’s campaign in the Barcelona province, was the release of a video which showed three attractive young women in miniskirts skipping with a rope in the city of Igualada, to the accompaniment of a traditional Catalan folk song. The scene then switches to Igualada 2015 and three women dressed in burkas are skipping to the rhythm of an Arab song. ‘You can avoid this nightmare becoming reality.

“We didn’t have much money so I did this video to create an impact, but I never imagined the huge reaction it would provoke,” Roberto Hernando, the party’s number two candidate and director of the video, told The Scotsman yesterday. “We keep getting e-mails and letters from people across Spain begging us to expand nationally.  “With this crisis we shouldn’t allow more immigrants into the country, especially Muslims who want to impose their culture upon others.”

With the Socialists depleted in the May regional elections, and a general election pending, it remains to be seen what forces in Spain will stand up to this rising anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment. One thing is clear – opposition is not coming from the town halls.

Is it any wonder why anti-Muslim parties are rising when Muslims account for 80% of the welfare benefits but only 18% of the population in places like Catalonia?

[Muslim names highlighted in yellow]

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