NETHERLANDS: School board resigns over plan to reduce Muslim immigrant children

GOOD RIDDANCE! A school board in the town of Ede resigned after its plan to strictly limit the number of migrant children admitted to one of its primary schools sparked a public outcry.

RNW  The Proominent Foundation, which runs 13 public primary schools in the Ede municipality, argued that restricting the number of migrant children would make the school more representative of the surrounding neighbourhood.

In a statement, the board said that the accusations of discrimination against migrants were the reason for their resignation. The board members felt their integrity had been compromised and said they no longer had faith in the Ede town council, which had also criticised their plan.

The board believes that the media “painted a distorted and over-simplified image” of its plan, which it said was actually intended to promote integration. (Yes, the fewer Muslims you have, the better the integration is for everyone else)