UNBELIEVABLE! CAIR wins ‘Anti-Racism’ award for shaking down American companies and citizens with relentless litigation jihad

What ‘race’ is Islam? Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR received the 2011 Mission & Excellence Anti-Racism Award from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for working to eliminate prejudice and racism in society.

CAIR-MN has worked on combating employment discrimination (By demanding special accommodations just for muslims that inconvenince non-muslims), school harassment (accusing American students of being insensitive to muslim needs, demanding halal food and special prayer rooms in school), airport profiling (refusing to be scanned or groped by TSA agents because it is against their religion), and other issues of racism and religious discrimination (pretty much everything about American life that offends them) against Minnesota Somali Muslim (criminals) and other Muslims.

In other words they sue every company that doesn’t bow down to Muslim religious demands and try to convince Americans that shari’a law is the same as United States law. They say there are 7 million muslims in America when the US Census 2010 said there were 2.6 million. Perhaps the other 5 million are here illegally?