Bali Bombing suspect seen on Indonesian TV joking with officials as he re-enacted his escape from the country after the bombing in 2002


October 12th is the ninth anniversary of the Bali bombings and the appearance of the video has sparked many sad and bitter memories. Muslim terrorist Umar Patek, who fled Indonesia soon after the attacks, was arrested in Pakistan, in the same town where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed.

ABC  The video shows a bearded Umar Patek wearing a large white skull cap and an orange jump suit as he re-enacts entering Jakarta airport.

His wife Rokiah is cloaked in black from head to foot, following along behind, just as she did when the two fled the country on false passports in the wake of the Bali bombings.

Indonesian police often ask cooperating suspects to re-enact their crimes and Umar Patek can be seen sharing the odd joke with officials and grinning at the cameras.

Coinciding with the anniversary of the bombings it’s a bizarre sight. For a survivor of the bombings, Phil Britten, the video brings back memories of previous trials when the likes of Amrozi mugged for the cameras. Says Britten, “I think that’s been quite similar with the Smiling Assassin – the grinning, the non-remorse that people show just shows that lack of care for humanity, I believe.”

Phil Britten lost seven of his football team mates in the attack on the Sari Club. His struggle to recover from his own horrible burns was followed by many Australians.