Kim Kardashian's most shocking outfit yet!

In Dubai, Kim dresses in a black garbage bag, otherwise known as a Burqa, the symbol of oppression of women in the Muslim world. Even worse, why would Kim Kardashian, born of Armenian heritage, don the attire of the people who massacred more than one million of her ancestors? Her late  father, Robert Kardashian, must be rolling over in his grave.

UK DAILY MAIL  In Dubai to promote her new fragrance, the reality star, 30, covered up her infamous shape in an all-black burka, a traditional dress worn by many Muslin women. Kim and her mother Kris had headed into a traditional dress shop to try on the styles for themselves and both women wasted no time embracing the religious outfits.

Newlywed Kim covered her body completely , with her face covered by the niqāb, the pillar-box covering that leaves only a woman’s eyes on show.

The look was in stark contrast to the outfit Kim had arrived in, which consisted of a black skirt nipped in at the waist and a sheer black and white blouse.

But it seems that Mrs Kris Humphries was rather taken with the new look and left in one of the dresses although she opted just to wear the ḥijāb, the head covering out of the shop.

As she and Kris left the shop they were met with a large crowd eager to see the American reality TV stars.

But as ever there was plenty of security on hand to ensure no one got too close as the women were followed down the street.

Kim has showed off a wide variety of styles on her trip to Dubai varying from tight fitting ensembles to sticking to the conservative dress preferred in the religious country.

On Friday she is set to open the Middle East’s first Millions Of Milkshakes store and sign bottles of her perfume at Sephora, The Dubai Mall.

She will spend the evening hosting a gala dinner at At.mosphere in the Burj Khalifa. And on Sunday Kim is set to be pampered as a dinner has been arranged in Kim’s honour by Emirates Hospitality at the Al Han Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Of course, Kim has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it is not as if she is ignorant of Armenian history. She was very upset when TURKISH COSMOPOLITAN put her photo on the cover the same day as Genocide Remembrance Day, which marks the systematic extermination of the Armenian population by Turkey during and following World War I.


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  4. I’m extremely upset to know that there are people like you in this world. It actually makes me sick! I am not a Muslim but I know that they are not ALL extremists or terrorists and I also know that not all Muslim women wear burkas and cover their faces. You believe stereotypes, and are so narrow minded into only thinking one thing there are some Muslims who do bad things but not all! get your facts right. there are bad people of every religion but we all seem to hate on one, your just giving them attention! making a hate site wont do you any good it just gives you a bad image. I’m British and live in London where we don’t all stereotype and hate on ALL Muslims because unlike you we know only to blame the person who did it and not on their religion its people like you who bring war and hate into this world not the Muslims!

    • This story is 3 years old. Obviously, you are a Kim ‘porn queen’ Kardashian fan which makes you nearly as bad as a muslim. I’m glad you live in London which will be an Islamic city by 2050. Better get your burqa now.

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  8. Maybe its self defense to keep from getting raped. She was probably eyed like a piece of meat from the moment she stepped off the plane.

    • Yet being even in a burka is NO guarantee that you’ll not get raped!!! It may help make things “safer” but it’s NO guarantee…

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  10. A nun can be covered head to toe in order to devote herself to God right? But, then if a Muslim girl does the same why is she oppressed?

    • Nuns (Catholic or Buddhist) do not cover their faces. Their attire is symbolic of renouncing the world, a choice freely made. Laywomen Catholic and Buddhist are not required nor encouraged to dress likewise.

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