Awesome first look at upcoming movie, 'Act of Valor' starring real Navy SEALS

“Act of Valor”  has created a lot of pre-release buzz because the Navy SEALS in the film are played by actual active-duty SEALS.

The movie  is loosely based on previously conducted Navy SEAL missions, and SEALS advised on all the tactics and action sequences. The film reportedly has the full support and backing of the Navy, which would seem necessary, as active duty U.S. Navy SEALS aren’t just consulting for the film– they are starring in it.

And from what the trailer shows, the Department of Defense was quite willing to supply aircraft, submarines, and assorted high-tech gadgets to make “Act of Valor” the most realistic SEAL film to date. The filmmakers had unprecedented access to Naval Special Warfare resources, which led to never-before-seen military operation scenes.